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Enhance your content with our great range of football widgets

Our widgets are a great way for you to enhance your digital football content with up to date stats that will complement your editorial. Whether you want to include them in a side column on your page or within the main body of an article they will always adapt to the space available ensuring that you end up with a layout that works, keeping your visitors engaged and coming back to your site again and again.

With a wide range of customisation options and themes available you can tailor our widgets to your exact needs so that they blend into your content and work with your page design rather than against it.

In this sample of a results list from Chile you can see that it has been configured to scroll. This allows you to place our widgets in very compact spaces on your site.

World Cup Group Table widget:

Below is an example of our World Cup Table widget. This has a number of configuration options, including, as has been selected in this instance, the ability to display a group selector. Alternatively, you can simply specifiy an individual group table to display.

Key Features:

  • Simple to integrate into your website with minimal technical input required.
  • Fully responsive design which works across all devices and column sizes.
  • Customisation options that allow you to tailor the widgets to your requirements.
  • Low cost dynamic licensing model that can be scaled to your needs.

Match Statistics Widget:

Below is an example of our match statistics widget in our dark theme.

You can find out more about our widgets, how to configure them and how you can add them to your site by visiting our help section on   Please note: is best viewed on a desktop or tablet device.