Touch-Line Data Systems

Interactive & Fantasy Game Data

Interactive & Fantasy Game Data

Touch-Line has long been associated with providing football data and services to the interactive games sector. Over the past 20 years we have provided data assets including live content to the key players in the sector including: EA Sports, SEGA, Sony, Football Manager and Championship Manager, as well as many independent creators of mobile interactive and fantasy games. All our content is fully translated and localized for all territories.

We supply rich detailed data to meet the needs of your game. Our data coverage is also live and spans leagues and competitions across the globe, with team and individual performance data as well as detailed player by player career bios and images.

Specially Customized Feeds

We can work with you to deliver the data you require in a format you can easily use whether that is a simple Excel spreadhseet, binary data files or customisable JSON or XML feeds.

Flexible pricing & business models to meet all budgets

We've worked on games with the biggest in the business as well as the one man app developer and have developed a flexible model to suit all. Please contact us with your requirements and we will provide a service that meets the needs of your game and your budget.